Travel for Less

With NEA Vacations and CEA’s TicketsAtWork discounts, teachers travel for less. Get great prices on cruises, hotel and resort stays, flights, and guided vacations. Find out more.

BBQ and Baseball

Yard Goats baseball hosts an all-you-can-eat BBQ picnic for CEA members! Teachers are invited to the field to hold up a giant flag during the national anthem. Only 20 spots left! Get tickets.

Rotten Apple

A Rotten Apple to State Representatives Craig Fishbein and Joseph Polletta for introducing 25 anti-union amendments in an attempt to take away employee rights and weaken unions.

Shiny Apple

A Shiny Apple to Governor Lamont and legislators, especially Senator Julie Kushner and Rep. Robyn Porter, for their efforts in getting the $15 minimum wage bill signed into law.

Is Your School Sick?

Does your classroom experience extreme temperatures? Is there mold in your school? Are you or your students sick? Please take two minutes to take our survey #IsMySchoolSick and share your stories about excessive heat and cold, mold, water damage, and other environmental issues in your classrooms and schools.

Take Time for Yourself This Summer

Take two days this summer to focus on yourself and your future with workshops on retirement planning, letting go of stress, how your personality can help you be more effective, and more. Register now to attend CEA’s Free Summer Conference at Mohegan Sun.

Brighter Future with a Swipe of a Pen

CEA President Jeff Leake joined other labor leaders in celebrating Governor Lamont’s signing of the $15 minimum wage bill that will improve the lives of children and families across the state, and will have a positive impact on students in our classrooms. Read more.

Say Yes to a Budget that Helps Secure the Teacher Retirement Fund

There’s just one week left before the end of the legislative session, and lawmakers must still take action on the state budget. SB 873, which would help protect the teacher retirement system, is expected to be part of the budget discussions. Ask your legislators to pass a fair budget that ensures school funding and the long-term viability of the teacher retirement fund. Read more about the pension proposal. Read CEA testimony.


Gray skies? Rainy weather? It’s the perfect time to spend an afternoon at your favorite museum. Find what you’re looking for—including CEA member discounts— right at your fingertips.

Teachers Triumph

A huge victory for New Milford teachers underscores the strength of the union and the importance of teacher activism. Read how teachers prevailed in a four-year-old contract dispute.