Validation Type

3 years. May be reissued 5 times (upon application)


Complete CT assessment requirements AND ONE of the following:

  • graduate from an approved CT teacher preparation program; 
  • or meet certification requirements through evaluation of a transcript and have 20 months successful teaching
  • experience in the area for which certification is sought; or meet NASDTEC Interstate Contract requirements; or
  • graduate from an approved teacher preparation program in another state and meet certification requirements through transcript evaluation

Validation Type

8 years


Meets requirements for Initial Educator Certificate AND ONE of the following:

  • has successfully completed the TEAM program (if available in endorsed area) and has 10 months successful teaching experience under the Initial Certificate;
  • has 30 months of successful teaching experience (within the past 10 years) at a public or approved non-public school out of the state of CT, in the area in which certification is sought

As of July 1, 2016, in order to advance from a provisional to a professional certificate, a Connecticut teacher must have completed a master’s program at a higher education institution that has a national or regional accreditation.

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A guide to the difference between regional and national accreditation.


Validation Type

5 years


30 months of appropriate, successful experience in CT teaching under a provisional certificate and the completion of a master’s degree.


Keeping your certification up to date is your responsibility and not the responsibility of the school district in which you were hired. Even if you do not have the full amount of money necessary to renew your certificate before it expires, you should still send in the $50 application fee and the required paperwork at least six weeks in advance of your certificate’s expiration date in order to be sure that your certificate is renewed in a timely manner. Your employment depends on it.

If you move or change your email, you should send the State Department of Education a notification for their files. The best way to make sure that the SDE has your current contact information is to create a certification account. You can also update your information by sending an email to teacher.cert@ct.gov