Join the Connecticut Education Association!

Become part of the state’s largest teachers’ association advocating for students, teachers, and public education. CEA fights for your rights, your salary, your benefits, your pension, and so much more.

Who can join CEA?

Any person who holds a certificate or Durational Shortage Area Permit issued by the State Department of Education and is employed in a position within the teachers’ unit, or a combined teachers’ administrators’ unit shall be eligible to become an active member of the association with full privileges of membership.

“As a CEA member, I am part of an organization that gives me a voice and fights for the things that are important to me, my students, and my profession.”

“As a CEA member, I am part of an organization that gives me a voice and fights for the things that are important to me, my students, and my profession.”


“Unions are the basis of why we have great jobs and great working environments. Our union fights for us, so we can fight for our students.”

The Membership Advantage

From your local school board to the state legislature, elected officials make decisions that impact you and your classroom. CEA gives you a strong voice at the table when it comes to critical education issues and the resources you need for a better classroom, a successful teacher evaluation, and a rewarding career.

While you are focused on your students,
we are focused on you.

CEA fights hard to ensure members have some of the highest teacher salaries in the nation, pensions to support teachers in retirement, substantial healthcare, good working conditions, personal and sick days, prep periods, free professional development, and more.

Members have access to CEA’s Professional Learning Academy and a wealth of high-quality training developed by experienced educators, as well as experts in law and special education, all designed to improve teaching practice and enhance student learning.

CEA helps reduce anxiety over teacher evaluations by providing support and resources to guide you through the entire process. We also help you navigate and progress through your professional career and the state’s three-tiered certification process.

One of the greatest things about CEA, our union, our profession, and all of us, is that you are never alone. Whether you’re a new or veteran educator, CEA and your colleagues are here to provide support, experience, and resources to help you in your classroom, in your evaluation, and in your career.

Members can save hundreds—even thousands—of dollars a year on everything they buy, including tickets to parks, shows, museums, and sporting events, school supplies, travel, insurance, cars, and more.

Members have access to the best team of education law experts in the state, at no cost, for assistance with a wide range of issues that impact your career.

“All we have—our salaries, personal days, sick time, and other benefits—is because of everything that’s been done through our union. Without CEA, we wouldn’t have any of it.”

CEA is always working for you!