The Henry Barnard Fund
Henry Barnard Fund helps retired teachers who are experiencing financial difficulty — especially teachers who retired before the Enhancement Act was passed. Click here for inquiries or donations.

CEA-Retired members work with CEA and NEA to improve pension and health benefits, public education, and the teaching profession and lobby lawmakers on important issues.

CEA-Retired provides social and community service events and volunteer opportunities to help you stay connected. Learn how you can get involved.



CEA-Retired Members Take Home Spotlight Award at National Meeting

NEA-Retired President Sarah Borgman presented CEA-Retired members with the NEA-Retired Spotlight Award for best retiree news in a state publication.


Retired Educators Mourn Texas Tragedy, Renew Commitment to Electing Pro-Education Candidates

The role of politics in educators’ lives was front and center at today’s CEA-Retired Spring Business meeting. Retired teachers applauded wins in the legislature while mourning innocent lives lost in…


Everything you need to know about the STRB/Medicare

Retiree health benefits update. The State Teachers’ Retirement Board has selected UnitedHealthcare to administer the Connecticut Teachers’Retiree Health Plan for Medicare-eligible retirees and dependents.


Cost of Living Adjustments

Social Security has announced that they will be granting a cost of living increase of 1.3% for the current year. Based on the statutes governing Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for CTRB members, the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement Board will be granting COLA as follows.


Member Spotlight: Bob Brown

Bob Brown has been an advocate for children, teachers, public education, peace, and justice for his entire adult life. Why? In his words, “I grew up in a very difficult…


During Pandemic Retired Teachers Stay Engaged and Involved

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, CEA-Retired members are still meeting, volunteering, and staying engaged—virtually. At the CEA-Retired Annual Fall Conference yesterday nearly 200 retirees joined a Zoom call to hear the…