The Henry Barnard Fund
Henry Barnard Fund helps retired teachers who are experiencing financial difficulty — especially teachers who retired before the Enhancement Act was passed. Click here for inquiries or donations.

CEA-Retired members work with CEA and NEA to improve pension and health benefits, public education, and the teaching profession and lobby lawmakers on important issues.

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Underfunding by Legislature Leads to Changes to Retired Teachers’ Health Insurance

A change to the retired teachers’ health insurance program that was adopted by the State Teachers’ Retirement Board (TRB) th9is month will impact retired teachers and spouses who are on—or will soon be on—the TRB’s Medicare supplement (65 and older) plan.


Update Your Information with STRB

When folks fill out their application for retirement, whether deliberately trying to keep their personal e-mail address less available or because they think the form deals with teaching, they use their school e-mail address and that typically becomes inactive and invalid within days of their leaving the school district. Retirees also move and don’t let…


2019 Updated Health Plans

Due to errors in the initial mailings, an updated mailing is being sent out from Anthem. The new mailing will include a premium comparison for 2020 and there will be updates to the Health Insurance Change Form and Comparison Guide. Please let your fellow retirees know these are on their way! We apologize for the…


Medicare Supplement Health Care Premium Change Announcement for 2020


CEA-Retired Calendar of Events

Attend a CEA-Retired County Meeting and stay connected to the latest news and developments that impact you in your retirement years.


2019 Cost of Living Adjustments

Social Security has announced that they will be granting a cost of living increase of 2.8% for the year 2019. Based on the statutes governing Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for CTRB members, the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement Board will be granting COLA as follows.