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Find out where the candidates stand on issues of importance to you. CEA’s Candidate Comparison lets you compare the candidates in your town who are running for office.

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The 2021-2022 CEA Report Card score takes into account incumbent legislators’ votes on CEA priority bills and legislation that is important to educators. The score also takes into account a legislator’s advocacy, legislative action, and responsiveness. We encourage you to review all of the information provided including the individual votes that go into the score calculation.

The 2022 CEA Legislative Candidate Questionnaire includes topics such as collective bargaining, ECS grants, smart fiscal policy, protecting municipal contributions for education, privatization of public schools, opponents to public education, support for English learners, school indoor air quality, successful schools, teacher recruitment & diversity, honesty in education, pensions, years of service, the Retired Teachers’ Health Insurance Fund, and the independence of the Teachers’ Retirement Board.

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