Advocating for students, teachers, and public
education in the halls of power

Address teacher shortages, improve recruitment and retention, and grow the teaching profession

Address the growing crisis in our public schools by elevating the teaching profession, improving the recruitment and retention of educators in our pubic schools, and revitalize the conditions for teaching and learning.

Improve the education experience for teachers and students

Ensure that teachers, students, and public schools are fully supported in every way.

Ensure safe air quality and temperatures

Protect teachers and students by ensuing that our public schools are healthy places for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Teachers’ Rights

Advocate against any proposals that eliminate, restrict, or interfere with teachers’ rights to negotiate salaries, health insurance, working conditions, and other benefits.

Public School Funding

Equitably fund public schools and prohibit taking funding and resources away from traditional neighborhood public schools.

I feel secure knowing that CEA isn’t just fighting for a better contract, but is also fighting for policies that make life better for my students and my family.