Building Successful School Communities

Protect the health and safety of teachers and students by creating a safe learning and teaching environment in all Connecticut public schools and elevate teacher voices in decisions impacting students and public education.

Improve Indoor-Air Quality in Public Schools

Protect teachers and students by ensuring that our public schools are healthy places for teachers to teach and students to learn; free from issues of mold, extreme temperatures, lead, and other school building conditions unconducive to teaching and learning, and require school districts to adopt the National School Climate Standards.

Recruitment and Retention of Educators and Revitalizing School Climates

Improve the recruitment and retention of educators in our public schools and revitalize the conditions for teaching and learning.

Teachers’ Rights

Advocate against any proposals that eliminate, restrict, or interfere with teachers’ rights to negotiate salaries, health insurance, working conditions, and other benefits

Public School Funding

Equitably fund public schools and prohibit taking funding and resources away from traditional neighborhood public schools

State Budget

Work with other unions and social justice advocates to ensure a state budget that works for all the people in Connecticut.

I feel secure knowing that CEA isn’t just fighting for a better contract, but is also fighting for policies that make life better for my students and my family.