The purpose of the Children’s Education Foundation Children’s Fund shall be to provide financial assistance to individual children who are students in the public schools of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Education Foundation, Inc. (CEF) shall administer The Children’s Fund under the following guidelines:

  • The Children’s Fund shall be available only to children who are students in the public schools of Connecticut.
  • The Children’s Fund shall make available financial assistance for children who are experiencing extraordinary hardships.
  • Requests will be considered for students who have basic needs that are barriers to learning.

Inquiries regarding The Children’s Fund should be directed to Shannon Waxenberg

Allocation of monies shall be the responsibility of the Connecticut Education Foundation, Inc. (CEF) with the following application procedures:


  • An active member of the Connecticut Education Association must make the request with his or her teaching district.

How Many?

  • Requests may be made no more than once per school year for each individual student, unless the CEF Board of Directors votes to authorize additional financial assistance.
  • An individual CEA member may make requests for no more than two students per school year.


  • Please note, in order to expedite the request process, all requests will be accepted by email on the blank form sent to the sponsor and returned to
  • If deemed necessary or appropriate, the CEF President may request additional information from the local president or members of the Executive Committee of CEA’s local affiliate where the child is a student.
  • Itemized receipts for all expenditures must be submitted to Shannon Waxenberg within thirty (30) days of issuance of the CEF check.
  • If receipts are not submitted within 30 days, additional approved requests will require valid receipts.
  • Respecting the confidentiality of the recipients, notice of awards shall be provided monthly to the appropriate President of the CEA local affiliate stating the school, teacher making the request, the amount and the item(s) requested. Members of the CEF Board of Directors shall be notified of such awards at each CEF Board meeting.


  • Items purchased must be specific to the original request. Examples: Clothing, shoes, winter accessories, school supplies, personal hygiene, air mattress, blankets, sheets, pillows and medical equipment/supplies.
  • Requests for household furnishings and automobile related expenses will not be considered.
  • Funds cannot be used for gift card purchases.

How Much?

  • The CEF President upon consultation with the Executive Director of the Connecticut Education Association, his/her designee, or the CEF Treasurer, may authorize requests for up to and including $150 per student.
  • Requests for over $150 per student may be authorized by a majority vote of the CEF Board of Directors. In rare instances, the Board may consider requests exceeding $500.
  • Unless specifically authorized by a majority vote of the CEF Board of Directors on a case by case basis, total requests from local associations shall not exceed the following: *

Urban locals (more than 1000) – $7200

Large locals (500-999) – $3000

Medium locals (250-499) – $2250

Small locals (1-249) – $1300

Requests will generate a notice to and/or conversation with the local president to inform them of the request.


Local membership numbers are based on totals as of June 30th the end of the previous fiscal year.

*Except in extraordinary circumstances and specifically authorized by a majority of the CEF Board of Directors.

Download Application
Download Application