Google Classroom FAQ’s

A: No. Each class needs to be scheduled separately, unfortunately. The way I get around this is to schedule one class, and then “Re-Use” the assignment in the next class and then Schedule it with that one.

A: I am guessing you are asking this question because you have one document that you would like to have each class working on their own “Class Copy” at a time. If that’s the case, I will usually make my own copies of the document labeled with for each class.

For example, if I want my A-Block class to be contributing to a document (all at the same time) about their reflections on the reading they did, then I would label it “Reading Reflections – A-Block” and then assign that doc to those students.

If by group you are talking about small groups within one class, then I would do the same thing, but only assign the doc for those specific students to work on. That way the other students won’t even see it.

This, unfortunately, can clutter up YOUR end of the classroom, but it makes it much easier for students to find what they need and for you to assign what is needed for each student.

If I still did not answer your question, feel free to email me or anyone else associated with the webinar. 🙂

A: There is if you are working in Sheets, and you have them all labeled as the subject matter they belong with. You could create pivot tables to help with this.

If this sounds like it is something you were looking for, it might be better to email me so I can walk you through how to set up a pivot table with your data.

It can get confusing at first, but is very helpful once you know how to use them.

If you are talking about somewhere else, it might be good to email your question to us again. 🙂

A: You could certainly do that, but if you open the document and modify it in any way (just press space or add a comment) then it should come up at the top of your “Recent” list.

If you want others to be able to see it “at the top” in their Drive and you have Shared it with them in the past, then they can go to their “Shared With Me” readjust how their files are sorted here and click the “Name” on the right side of this folder. Then select “Last modified” This should bring up the document you had just modified closer to the top of their “Shared With Me” files.

Just remind them that if they like their files sorted by “Name” then they should resort back to that or the “Last modified” filter will be carried over to the other folders in their Drive.

They could also do a search for the document if you remind them of the title.

A: There are three ways you could approach this.

1. “Create” a “Question” – Give the assignment a title. – Ask your question or give your prompt in the “Instructions” area. – Attach the reading you want them to reflect on. – Assign. Students will then be able to respond directly in the classroom inside the assignment.

2. “Create” an “Assignment” – Give it a title – Ask your question in the “Instructions” area or attach a document with the instructions. – Attach the reading. – ATTACH A BLANK DOC for them to type their response. You could also give the instructions on this document and then have them respond underneath. BE SURE to select “Make a Copy for Each Student”

3. Do all of the above, but instead of attaching a document FOR them, they can either attach their own to the assignment after they’ve completed it, or they can “Create” it within the assignment.

I like #1 the best, however, if you want them to reference their work at a later time, #2 is the best.

A: You could share your Rubric with students as a spreadsheet attaching this to your assignment and making a copy for each student this way they would be able to self assess themselves.

A: This is unfortunately, an issue with Google Slides. If something is added to the slides from the Drive, it will continue to look for that pathway for the item. If it is added from a computer, it should be embedded directly into the slides. I believe using YouTube videos also works this way as well, because it is looking for the outside link.

I usually recommend to students that are creating websites or slides (that might be shared with people other than myself) to create a Folder for that project and keep a copy of all of the items they want to include in their project. Then when they are adding them to the slideshow or website, insert them from THAT PROJECT FOLDER. Then, MAKE THE FOLDER SHAREABLE for “Anyone can view”

For your situation, you will need to contact the other teacher and ask them to either do what I described above, or make all of the videos separately shared with “Anyone can view” OR “Anyone within your district can view” whichever works for you.

A: Yes. If you go to the left sidebar (where you can see all of your classes) and at the bottom there should be a Settings Button. This is where you can turn email notifications on or off for both of those things.