State Budget

Work with other unions and social justice advocates to ensure a state budget that works for all the people in Connecticut.

State Budget

The unprecedented crises of systemic racism, COVID-19, and economic depression have taken a devastating toll on working people in Connecticut, especially those who are Black and brown. Many, if not most of us, have experienced this crisis as a heightening inequality in education every day in our classrooms, and now when we teach remotely.

Our students and their families are suffering. CEA will continue to work with other unions and like-minded organizations to ensure that the budget adopted by the General Assembly includes an increased investment in public education, public services, good jobs, healthcare, affordable housing, and infrastructure that includes proper ventilation, air quality, and temperature control in every school building. Further, and to this end, we will work toward establishing a progressive state system of taxes mandating that billionaires and wealthy corporations contribute their fair share to the financial health of our state, and families—Black, white, and brown—no longer bear the burden of an unfair tax system.

Working with other unions and like-minded organizations we will advocate for tax reform that is fair, generates revenues to help workers and working families, as well as students and their families by:

  • Increasing funding for education improvements
  • Reducing local property tax burdens
  • Investing in health care and housing