Stefanowski’s Economic Plan Would Cut Education Funding, Hurt Students

Fraudulent scheme has caused disaster elsewhere

The Connecticut Education Association is calling on Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski to use the occasion of his rally tomorrow at Pomperaug Regional High School in Southbury to renounce his proposals that would result in massive cuts to education.

“The impact of Stefanowski’s policies would be devastating to Connecticut,” says CEA President Jeff Leake. “He is proposing the same plan that failed miserably in Kansas, and it’s wrong for him to campaign at a school while proposing policies that hurt public education.”

Stefanowski paid $75,000 to consultant Arthur Laffer for his budget plan, the same amount that Kansas Governor Sam Brownback paid for the identical Laffer plan that devastated the schools and economy of Kansas. Forbes magazine has noted that the Laffer plan hurt economic development, worsened the deficit, and resulted in massive cuts to education and critical services.

In Connecticut, Stefanowski’s Laffer plan would eliminate nearly $10 billion in state income tax revenue. The plan claims the lost revenue will reappear as if by magic, but it has been proven to be a fraudulent scheme that results in devastating cuts to education, seniors, and other critical needs.

“Without those funds, Connecticut would face the largest reductions in state support for education in history, leading to massive property tax increases and drastic cuts to our schools,” says Leake.

“Connecticut can’t afford a governor whose plans would devastate our schools, cities, and towns, jeopardizing the future for everyone in Connecticut—students, seniors, and families,” Leake says. “We need a governor who will safeguard the education of all children and maintain critical services for families.”

At recent debates, Stefanowski refused to comment on the failure of the Laffer plan, saying only that “Connecticut is not Kansas.” CEA says that comment is not sufficient.

“We must make sure that Connecticut never becomes Kansas and that the Laffer plan never has the chance to drag our state down,” says Leake.

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