2022 Summary of Legislative Priorities

Indoor Air Quality

CEA seeks legislation providing financial support and establishing standards to address poor indoor air quality, inadequate HVAC, and excessive temperatures and humidity in school buildings.

Building Successful School Communities

CEA seeks legislation:

  • Providing social emotional supports and behavioral interventions for students
  • Improving the ratios of students to social workers, counselors, special educators, and other certified support staff
  • Promoting teacher voice in determining how curricula balance creativity, social and emotional development, and academics
  • Improving other conditions of teaching and learning to ensure schools are welcoming for students and staff.

Enhancing the Profession of Educator

CEA seeks a comprehensive package of proposals to recruit and retain educators and revitalize the profession by enhancing:

  • Equity in teacher preparation programs to promote diversity and to increase the number of promising young adults pursuing careers in education
  • Conditions in schools to promote a positive climate for teaching and learning, including uninterrupted teacher-directed time for preparation and collaboration
  • Professional growth, leadership and the elevation of educators’ voices in decisions that affect the school community
  • Financial incentives for preparing, becoming, and serving as an educator in our public schools.