Top Legislative Action: 2021

Pandemic and Public Health Emergency Safety

This urgent proposal needs quick action to establish better health safety protocols for schools and municipal buildings, and to better ensure student learning:

  • Transparency – Notice of outbreaks in schools and other public building and ensuring employee input on contact tracing
  • Prevention – Clear safety standards for HVAC, quarantines, remote instruction, and cleaning
  • Student Learning and Development – Ensuring planning time, layoff protections, and suspension of statewide standardized testing.

Status: CEA coalition presented to the Chairs of the Education Cmte.; seeking emergency legislative action.

Learn More. Take Action and Submit Testimony
Learn More. Take Action and Submit Testimony

School and Public Building Indoor Air Quality and Safety

Provides standards for improving and maintaining healthy HVAC systems to prevent the transmission of viruses, mold, and other harmful substances:

  • Temperature and humidity standards and air quality monitoring in schools
  • Procedures for air quality monitoring, and addressing identified problems in schools
  • Access to construction bonding to fund improvements in schools
  • Emergency protocols for preventing virus transmission in schools

Status: CEA coalition has presented this to the Chairs of the Public Health Cmte.

Recovery for All

Proposes tax reform that is fair in order to generate revenues to help workers and working families, as well as students and their families make ends meet:

  • Increase funding for education improvements
  • Reduce local property tax burdens
  • Invest in health care and housing

Status: CEA and a broad coalition including many legislators is seeking legislative action