2024 Summary of Legislative Priorities

CEA’s Primary Focus: Address the statewide teaching shortage, the recruitment and retention crisis, and grow the teaching profession.

Teacher Salary Enhancement – Establish a minimum starting salary and tiered salary enhancement for certified teachers. Create a teaching enhancement fund at the state level to help municipalities with the up-front costs of statutorily mandated salary increases.

Right to Promised Salary Step – Protect teachers’ right to advance on the salary schedules in their contract by making step movement a guaranteed right in negotiations.

COVID-19 Hero Pay – Acknowledge teachers’ role in providing quality education during the pandemic by offering compensation.

Fairness in the Workplace – Establish a “just cause” legal standard and binding arbitrator decision for discipline to ensure fairness and due process during teacher dismissal proceedings.

Neutral Arbitrators – Ensure fairness and impartiality by employing a single neutral arbitrator in cases of contract arbitration unless all parties agree to using a state-appointed arbitration panel.

Teacher Retirement Board Election Modifications – Align the election of all four seats for retired teachers on the TRB and allow active teachers to vote in the election of new TRB members.

Support Teacher Retirement Fund – Continue to protect and enhance the state’s commitment to funding a pension system that honors retirees and helps attract and retain a diverse educator workforce.