Teaching and Learning

Protect teachers and students by addressing and preventing violent classroom behavior; address issues of mold, extreme temperatures, lead, water quality, and other school building conditions unconducive to teaching and learning; and require school districts to adopt the National School Climate Standards

Classroom Safety

CEA will continue to advocate for legislation that protects teachers and students from physical harm and repeated disruption of learning; and allows all to “feel safe and secure while at school”. (From the testimony of Jeff Leake 2.22.19) The legislation should include an emphasis on social emotional learning and trauma informed teaching; “plans to proactively lessen…extreme behaviors; teacher input into the assistance and interventions necessary to support affected students” (From the testimony of Jeff Leake 2.22.19) and reporting of incidents in order to inform policy.

Indoor Air Quality

CEA will actively pursue legislation to include financial support to districts to address matters related to infrastructure issues, including, but not limited to, acceptable temperature and humidity levels and the accumulation of dust and mold that contribute to poor indoor air quality issues. (Language from motion passed at CEA RA May 11, 2019)

Kindergarten Start Age

CEA will advocate for an increase in the Kindergarten start age to allow for age and developmentally appropriate learning, thus reducing stress and ensuring greater academic success throughout school.