Teaching and Learning

Protect teachers and students by ensuring COVID-19 safety protocols are enforced; addressing and preventing violent classroom behavior; addressing issues of mold, extreme temperatures, lead, water quality, and other school building conditions unconducive to teaching and learning; and requiring school districts to adopt the National School Climate Standards

Classroom Safety/Social Emotional Learning

CEA will continue to advocate for legislation that protects teachers and students from physical harm and repeated disruption of learning; ensure COVID-19 safety protocols are enforced; and allow all to feel safe and secure while at school.

Legislation should include

    • District accountability
    • Interventions for students
    • Safe spaces for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Indoor Air Quality

CEA will pursue legislation to include financial support to districts, to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in school buildings, and to address matters related to Infrastructure. The issues would include but not limited to, acceptable temperature and humidity levels, and the accumulation of dust and mold.*

*Language from Motion passed at CEA RA May 11, 2019