CEA helped improve and pass this important bill, including defeating an attempt to add disastrous language that would have worsened teacher evaluation and weakened professional standards. The bill maintains high teacher standards and includes innovative policy recommendations to put more minority teachers in the classroom.


Legislators worked up to the end of the session before reaching a budget agreement. The sticking point: Attacks on collective bargaining. CEA members and staff were able to help defeat efforts to take away rights to bargain for wages, benefits, and working conditions. Read article- Collective bargaining, not money dominates budget fight. The budget bill created…


Senate Bill 453 protects the safety of students and teachers in the classroom and ensures that students who need assistance get the help they need before returning to the classroom. The bill passed by a 124-25 vote in the House on Tuesday and unanimously in the Senate.

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Retired Teachers Applaud Legislative Funding, Ready to Stay Active and Engaged

“Those of you who went to retired lobby day, who reached out to your legislators, I can’t thank you enough,” CEA Executive Director Donald Williams told members of CEA-Retired gathered for their annual spring meeting this morning. “You made a tremendous difference and had a big impact on the legislature this year.” In the budget…